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A preserved environment

Our family of winemakers live on the estates and are deeply attached to our region. we take every possible measure to protect the environment while also attempting to show it at its best advantage with attention to detail

Our operating company is a member of the First Association for Environmental Management of Bordeaux Wines. This association ISO14001 AFNOR was certified on June 9th, 2011. All the locations of our group are within the certification perimeter of this association. Refer to our AFNOR certification.

The environmental approach ISO14001 consists in constant improvement around both risk management and environmental impact of our activities. With this goal in mind, we are committed to :

  • maintaining and improving the Association’s management system in order to improve the environmental performance of our companies.
  • taking every necessary measure to abide by the requirements, legal and other, which apply to our companies
  • communicating with our staff and partners as to the importance of this initiative in order to encourage a change of practices eventually moving towards preventative measures ever more respectful of the environment.
  • implementing practices which reduce the use of synthetic plant protection products
  • adding value to our own organic plant waste and by-products through composting

Our wines have been certified High Environmental Value Level 3 since 2016. This quality stamp guarantees wine making practices of a high environmental standard as well as sustaining of biodiversity.
In this context of permanent innovation and regular exterior checks, we attempt to minimise our environmental impact at each and every step by the following means :

  • installing solar panels on all the new buildings (the cellar roof at Clos Floridène)
  • building a giant 130 ton composting machine. We are hoping to reach a measure of autonomy for fertilisation by producing our own compost made from vine stalks, skin, seeds, pulp, green waste and horse manure. This would allow us to be self sufficient and fertilise half of our planted land surface.
  • purchasing of a draught horse to work the vineyards and the old vines to minimise any damage during delicate soil tillage. The use of a work horse both reduces compaction as well as carbon emissions.